Read About how it all started, policies, and more!

About She Fit

My training service is based in Baltimore, Maryland but I have clients across the nation. My mission is to promote a healthy lifestyle. Losing weight is much bigger than temporary changes like dieting, and  exercising. When I say life changes, I mean feeding your family different and things that create permanent change.

I started this journey in 2011 after having my second son and the baby weight stuck like cement. After exercising for while but seeing no real change, I sought out a personal trainer. My trainer was able to push me to not give up while educating me on health in general.

While on this journey, I've had many different experiences from losing too much weight, regaining weight, struggling to lose weight, needing to tone, learning how to achieve abs, and just about any challenges you could imagine. I've become an expert on health and being fit from experience.


In the beginning, it was just about losing weight for my appearance but it became much more than that. After learning more about health and how our eating habits have been holding back my community, I dedicated myself to a total lifestyle change.

Everyday I make a choice to live healthy for me, my family, and generations to come. 

Don't waste time! Start your journey today for you and your family!



These policies are in place to better serve each client.


Client Responsibilities

Each new client must commit and pay to at least 30 days of training. After the first month, clients can opt to schedule sessions by the day or week. Online bookings are not accepted at this time. If you wish to book online, you will be prompted to contact me directly. This is to better manage scheduling.

Meal Plans

Meal Plans Meal plans are not included in daily, or weekly scheduling but can be purchased separately for $30.00. Meal plans should be strictly followed as much as possible to ensure best results. She Fit Lifestyle LLC’s meal plans are not to be amended or shared for any reason. Transmission of She Fits meal plan is prohibited and will result in criminal and civil penalties.

Non Disclosure

She Fits workout routines are not to be shared or used for profit. The use of She Fits workout routines, techniques, and meal plans for professional, profitable gain will be subject to civil and criminal penalties.

Refunds are not offered under any circumstances after the first session. If a client is unsatisfied with results of personal training and or meal plans, adjustments may be made on a case by case basis.

Waiver of Liability

She Fit is a personal trainer and not an employee of planet fitness. By signing up, you understand personal training involves exercising and utilizing equipment. She Fit Lifestyle LLC will not be liable for any injuries, illnesses, swelling, or medical conditions caused during or after trainings. In addition, She Fit Lifestyle LLC will not be liable for any adverse reactions to meal plans. The client is responsible for advising of pregnancies or any preexisting conditions that will require special meal plans and/ or workout routines. 


Each client will be contacted on Sundays to discuss availability and schedule the following week. If for any reason a client is unable to attend a scheduled session, the client must reschedule at least 90 minutes prior to appointment. If a client cancels after 90 minutes, that will be considered a loss session. If a session is loss due to late cancellation there will be no refund and the appointment missed will not be rescheduled. If a client cancels more than three appointments, there will be a $30.00 fee to be rescheduled. If She Fit Lifestyle LLC cancels a session and it is less than 90 minutes before the appointment, your session will be rescheduled at no additional cost and you will be credited one additional session.


All sessions must be payed prior. PayPal, Cash App, and Zelle Payments accepted. Clients will not be scheduled until full service fee is paid.